International Laurence Sterne Foundation – ILSF

The International Laurence Sterne Foundation was launched in the tercentenary year 2013.Ā Its purposes are to encourage study of the life and works of Laurence Sterne, and to facilitate and coordinate ways in which Sterne scholars may meet together.

The ILSFĀ publishesĀ each year The Shandean™,Ā maintains a website shandean.orgĀ and aĀ Facebook Group,Ā e-mails a newsletter to ILSF MembersĀ and helps organise a Sterne Conference every two years.

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The Shandean

The Shandean™ is a scholarly journal dedicated to the life, work and times of Laurence Sterne (1713-1768).

Founded in 1989, it promotes research into all aspects of Sterneā€™s life and writing.
The Shandean foregrounds new discoveries in the field, and illuminates many aspects of Sterneā€™s reception, with a particular strength in material and visual culture.

As such The Shandean is a forum for innovative, peer-reviewed research.

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